my projects

watonomos - time sync lead

our team is in the process of flipping a chevy bolt into an autonomous vehicle for the sae autodrive challenge. i help out with the electrical systems, and focus on synchronizing our car's sensors to a central master clock

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an android app to overlay animations respresenting the current weather forecast on a user's surroundings. also displays pertinent disaster information and tells user's what precautionary measures they can take. This app was made at pennaps xviii

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alarm plusplus

an iot alarm clock powered by an Onion Omega2 that fetches the location-specific time and weather from wunderground.

displays current weather by flashing an array of multicoloured arrays in different patterns.

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formula electric - telemetry lead

we are working on relaying diagnostic information from the car wirelessly to a base station off the track

to do this we have designed a hardware path to transmit can messages over radio, and software to store it and display it to a custom gui

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uw nanorobotics group - sam electrical lead

our competition robot, sam, is a microscale magnetic particle controlled by 4 solenoids.

the solenoids are actuated by an arduino, which receives commands from in house software.

the movement of the robot has been automated using a small camera and opencv.

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iot automated sprinkler

an automated sprinkler made using an adafruit feather huzzah and a soil moisture sensor

pulled forecasts and time from wunderground, and found the ideal time and duration to water plants

interfaced with either a solenoid valve or existing irrigation systems